Combined Effects

By Kilian Schwengle

Burg. Fockstraat 176 III, 1063 CZ, Amsterdam,


+31 651 05 45 15

In a restaurant in Costa Rica they had these lamps with a gecko in it. The light would attract mosquitos and the gecko would eat them. The combined effect of technique and nature resulted in the guests having a mosquito free meal.


Every business enterprise is a living structure. Executive decision making affects the structure of the organism. Information and insight about the organic enterprise empowers those who diagnose business questions with strong HR Component by enabling factually based decisions. I lead projects and conduct activities regarding quantitative modeling of human components. I am able to provide direction for management and to translate the outcomes of complex analysis to non technical professionals.



The nature of my work requires a high degree of cooperation with other functions to realize optimal combined effects. Therefore at the center of my philosophy is establishing and developing of strategic partnerships. Next to providing full service business intelligence, I have passion for predictive analytics, emerging patterns and future forecasting.

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